The colours of your wedding day

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Pastel colours, fluorescent colours, black and white, natural colours or glitter.

When we furnish our homes, when we buy clothes or an object, when we set the table, the color is always the protagonist.
As my newlyweds well know, one of the first things we think about when they prepare their “wedding project” is choosing a color palette.

This is not to say that every wedding theme will be a color, but that each component within the wedding, will be chosen to give harmony and continuity.
We will reflect your style, your personality and everything you wish for on this special day. 
The theme that you choose to frame your wedding day, will definitely help in the choice.
Whether the shades are of the same color or contrasting colours, the important thing is that together they create harmony.
To help you in this choice, here is a little piece of advice for you!
Experiment with what you have at home: scraps of cloth, ribbons, coloured card.
Once combined, this will immediately become the choice of your color palette that will follow you throughout your wedding day ensuring harmony and elegance which best reflects your personality!
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