Getting married in Apulia

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Puglia, the location of your dreams!

For the first article I have chosen to talk about one of the first things to think about when a couple begins the organisation of their wedding: the location.
Italy, and particularly Apulia, offers beautiful places in which to plan the dream of love.

Whether it’s a castle – romantic and princely, or a farmhouse –  antique and rich with history, with citrus and olive groves or a terrace overlooking the sea with a fantastic sunset and the smell of summer.
Which ever location you choose, it will surely be one the first things which you use as a base to organise your wedding.
And that is why my blog is here.
The location of the ceremony is starting to increasingly coincide with the place of the reception, there is also a significant increase in civil ceremonies and figurative rites and so more couples are now customising their wedding day.
Apulia offers an endless number of charming locations – surrounded by nature and sea that creates an unforgettable day of I DO!
So just close your eyes and imagine, imagine being there, in that moment of emotion and celebration and understand which of the many possibilities could be yours!
Obviously the work of a good wedding planner is to advise, not only according to your wishes, but also taking into account the logistical issues, timescales and overall organisation. 
So, let your emotions go and trust in me and my expertise to advise and guide you! I’m here for!
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