Wedding day on the Salento beach

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Romantic marine theme wedding. 

It’s summer time and in our wonderful Salento the beaches are painted in brightly coloured swimming costumes and rainbow coloured sun umbrellas.
But at sunset, the silence returns, the lighting becomes warm, the beaches white again, the moon rises in the sky and the sun slowly disappears into the horizon.

Is there a moment more romantic and charming to imagine your special day? There are many brides (often it is the bride who has the romantic vision!!) that I have met where  I have unveiled their dreams of exchanging their vows on a white sandy beach, under a beautiful gazebo, with flowers placed in her hair and with the natural sound of the waves in the background.


Sometimes however,  this dream gets blurred by the fear connected with problems which we cannot control,  which can cause the bride and groom to feel slightly nervous during the organisation of the wedding. 
“And if it rains? And if there is wind? And if my guests feel too warm/cold? And if my friends do not like the sand? “
Well, this post is dedicated to all couples who want to make their promises of love by the sea but lack a little bit of courage. I want to infuse them with a good dose of serenity and a great desire to realise their beautiful dream!
In this area there are locations that allow you to get married on the beach and spend the evening hours in serenity, with adequate covering that can protect you from the humidity, rain and wind.
If the location has no cover, but the sea view is breathtaking and irresistible, we can resolve this with  beautiful and elegant tensile structures, the perfect solution to protect everybody from the rain, wind, thunderstorms etc. The structures have platforms that allow you to not be in direct contact with the sand, they are completely transparent and therefore do not hide the view of the sea and the sky.
And just incase all of the above solutions still make you feel a little on edge,  the option exists until the day of their marriage, to use an indoor location. In the case of continuous rain and bad weather, this indoor location would become the permanent location for the wedding day.
So, to all my dear brides and grooms who dream of sealing their eternal love at sunset in front of the sea, do not be afraid, everything is possible! It is important to choose the location and all options carefully and never neglect the famous Plan B! The rest you can leave to us!
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