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The top 10 tips from your wedding planner for a flawless wedding day 

We are in the middle of the summer and many of you are enjoying the weddings of friends and family whilst dreaming of how your “Yes day” will be.
Close your eyes and imagine that fantastic place that you would like to make unique with your better half.  Continue dreaming and without opening your eyes, keep in your minds these ten words which contain special advice.

1. LOVE. A magical word that I’d like to put first because it’s going to be everything that will lead you to marriage and will bond you for all your life.  With LOVE you get closer to every choice with serenity, sharing everything.
Brides, don’t leave aside your groom, involve him in every decision, it will be less difficult and certainly sweeter! 
2. TIME. Time in organising a wedding is fundamental, planning from the beginning will give 
you the tranquility of not ending up with a lot of things to sort out.
There are some priorities, such as choosing the date, the church/venue for the ceremony and the location of the wedding reception. It is good to choose the latter well in advance in order to avoid being forced to choose only midweek days, or even to change your mind because of the lack of the availability.
Time is fundamental even for the wedding reception! Our WP will help you plan in the most appropriate way. 
3. BUDGET. Keep it under control. Whether for those who from the beginning decide on a precise figure or for those who never impose a limit. Monitoring the costs helps to handle in an appropriate way the expenses and to have an overall idea in order not to have any unpleasant surprises. 
4. PROFESSIONALITY. The success of a wedding depends on everyone that organises it. Trusting the ones that live and work professionally and with diligence in this field helps you to have less concerns, feel more peaceful and have an event taken care of in the smallest details, with originality and at a high level. Trust them, follow them and make them follow you. From my experience I can tell you that it’s right to have control over everything, it is your party, but also you will enjoy being pleasantly surprised! 
5. GOOD TASTE. If you follow or don’t follow your wedding planner these two words are fundamentally important.  If you chose a colour or theme, don’t esagerate. The harmony is the key to success. Colours, smells, fabrics, everything must be wisely matched and never left to chance. From your dress to your wedding cake! 
Personalizzazione wedding day
6. ORIGINALITY. Anyone who knows me, knows that originality is a must.   All weddings are different, the details are different. Every couple has their own personality and their own taste that needs to be respected and transmitted into every detail. The personalisation of the wedding is the basis from where my staff and I start in order to make your day unique! From the invite, to the bouquet, to the gifts for the guests, to the wedding cake. Everything must talk about you in a moderated and elegant way.

7. GUESTS. Your guests are the ones that will share with you your joy and your smiles and  it’s important that at a certain point of the organisation that we think about them. Small details will make them enjoy even more this festive day. This aspect is mostly applicable to   those who decide to get married abroad and invite friends and family from their home towns, who have chosen particular places and seasons. For those who have children, we can organise an area dedicated to them, with a menu customised for them, games and even a candy-buffet that will make not only them happy but also their parents! 
8. WEDDING CAKE.  It is the second queen of the event. Imagine it, dream it, let it be designed and created.  Dream away for the design, everything is possible, but the important thing is for it to be balanced between beauty and goodness.
Just like the sampling of the menu, I suggest that you also taste the wedding cake.
It is very important to taste the combinations of the different creams and the flavours.  Whether it is simple or complex, let yourself be conquered by the one that attracts you the most!
9. MUSIC.  Do not underestimate the background music of your ceremony and wedding reception.  It will create an atmosphere, it will create memories for different moments and it  will give a personality to your party. A wrong choice can compromise the joyful presence of  your guests and it will not be the party you imagined.  For this reason,  consult your WP and staff to investigate your options.
wedding party country chic
10.PARTY. It’s your party! “My couples” have heard this phrase several times. On your wedding day you must arrive cheerful, relaxed and calm knowing that everything will take   place as planned. You are the protagonists!
You must be sure that you’ll have with you your WP ,who will support you and supervise everything at your venue. You should feel comfortable and be amazed when you see the  project come to life that only a few months ago was just in your imagination. You must live that moment with joy and smiles because you will carry that joy in your hearts forever! 
Therefore, having said everything, keep your eyes closed now and continue imagining that fantastic day with the awareness that living it will be more beautiful that what you have ever dreamed of. 
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