A barefooted fairytale on the beaches of Salento

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Salento, the sea, the colours, the beauty.  A unique setting for a wonderful dream come true. 

Here we are! After a long time I am here again.  We spent a busy summer season rich of fairy tales and  with love and dedication we wrote and started these tales, and then, another beautiful new autumn season began.

The summer weather was mischievous , often keeping us anxious with the fear that rain may come at any moment, some couples were lucky , some a bit less . . .

I would like to tell you one by one about the emotions that I experienced, the beautiful experiences that we lived together, the smiles, anxieties, fears, tears and hugs!
Today, I would like to share some of these fantastic moments and start with the wedding day of Nicole and Paul. N + P had a big dream, to get married by the sea, at sunset with a dream backdrop, romantic and barefooted on the sand ….. And that is exactly how it was: Magic!
Grandmothers lace, powder pink details, vintage furniture and objects, old keys, handmade decorations, the smell of the sea and the sweetness of a love sealed at sunset.
A beautiful romantic bride, with a wreath on her head and held in her hand their little Lorenzo with cap and braces just like his Dad’s. The sun went down and their promises of love were carried by a gentle breeze towards the infinity of the sea .
The lights were like small, shining stars and the music accompanied the relaxed, carefree and romantic celebrations! Fire eaters, dancers and acrobats added excitement to the evening, an evening and day,  that will remain a dream wedding for Nicoletta and Paolo and their guests.
When you are free to express your own personality, your own ideas of marriage and your dreams, you are guaranteed that it will be the magic you always imagined it would be! The emotions are transmitted with smiles, with tears of joy and sincere hugs that for me, like them, will remain forever in the heart!



Fotografie: Roberto Micoccio – Mari De Leo





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